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The “ASIDE PROJECT” courses are In-demand online videos prepared by one or a group of our instructors. 

Each course is designed based on a specific pedagogic pattern which maximizes the benefits for the learners including:

  • The topic
  • The course material
  • The learners’ levels. 

Generally speaking, our courses are designed in a way that will make you enjoy learning about theoretical concepts while having the maximum practicing and real life usages. In each course you will have at least : 

  • Lessons in the form of HD in-demand videos 
  • Descriptions that will help you structure the information you are receiving in each lesson
  • Attached resources that you find in the “materials” section for each lesson 
  • Ready to use templates which are yours forever
  • Quick win quizzes that you can take as much as you want to test your progress
  • Topic sections where you will usually find key takeaways for the lesson and related resources

Depending on the topic, you can also have:

  • Final practice test 
  • Course assessment 
  • Group project 
  • Practice use case project 

And of course, once you finish your learning you happily receive a certification of completion that you can download and share in your social medias profiles. 

There are no pre-requisite required to be able to register to our courses. 

However, for some advanced topics, we highly recommend you check the “level” section of the course before proceeding to check out. Sometimes, we would suggest you to register for intermediate or beginner friendly courses before jumping in and taking the advanced one.  The point as usual is to bring you the best benefits and value from your course. 

The arabic version for all our courses will be released before the end of 2022. As for the French version, you can expect it to be released in 2023. 

Whether you are a student of the ASIDE PROJECT or just a fan, you can join “The ASIDE PROJECT” DISCORD SERVER for FREE and start networking with the community, get access to our multiple events and chat with like minded people anytime. 

However, just keep in mind that we do have “PRIVATE channels” which are only available for our students who have registered for at least one of our courses. These channels will give you access to instructors, networking activities, exclusives masterclasses and workshops, and way more. 

If despite our efforts, we didn’t manage to hold your attention and convince you of being part of our community….We feel bad, but it happens! 

We offer you a 14 days money back garantee under specific conditions*.

Please check our “Refund Policy” and “Terms of Use” for more details. 

Of course, you can buy the courses we have on the Udemy platform. However, we would like to inform you the following:

  • If you buy our course in Udemy, you will only have access the “On-demand videos of the related courses” without any other access or privilege since you won’t be counted as a member of our “student community”.
  • The prices on Udemy are higher than the one you see in our platform to compensate for Udemy’s shares. 
    ++ You don’t have the possibility to pay in multiple installments with the PayPal option
  • Also, please take into consideration that our courses are not part of Udemy promotions, so you won’t get them at 9$!!
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