Dr. Nesrine Beldi

co-founder & CEO /Educator
✅ I use my know how and intensive business/engineering blended experience to promote more sustainable innovations in the educational sector and build scalable Tech-driven businesses and innovative products. ✅ I stand for equal access to business opportunities and closing the gender gap in the Tech field. #Women In Tech Ambassador & Mentor. 🌟🚀

Professional Skills

Strategy & Management 90%
Computer Sciences 80%
Product development 90%
Enterprise Architecture 90%
Blockchain Architectures 75%
Cryptocurrencies 75%
IoT & AI Architectures 80%
Agile organizations 90%
Digital transformations 90%
Academic programs 90%
Entrepreneurship 80%
Investments 65%
Startups & SMEs 85%
Leadership 70%

Experience & Activities

Dr. Nesrine is a French/Tunisian serial entrepreneur and private investor, and she has been involved for more than 3 years in the EU/Africa and Middle East startup Ecosystem to mentor and coach the next generation of engaged entrepreneurs. 

With more than 10 years of professional record, She has been involved in the managing and leading of multi-layers type of projects and teams (E-Mobility, Smart Cities, Energy Management, Software Applications, Digital transformations, etc.)

During her journey, she was able to hold different management roles (CEO, project manager, product owner, agile teams coach, team leader, management consultant), and lead a large portfolio  of  projects involving cross-functional teams, different levels of complexity (technologies, urgency, budget, risks) and within various industries (automotive, aeronautics, SaaS startups, Banking, National security, etc.).

This rich experience allowed her to fully experiment the potential and limitations of Tech-driven business models and frameworks and develop a unique business/engineering blended expertise  to build the future of E-Learning solutions and SaaS platforms.

Nesrine holds a PhD in systems engineering and complexity management, an electro-mechanical engineering degree, and an embedded software developer. She’s also a certified Professional Scrum Master, Safe Consultant Program,  A senior Enterprise/Systems Architect, and Amazon Web Services Cloud solutions Architect. 

Nesrine has been involved in Digital transformations, Industry 4.0, IoT and AI for more than 10 years now.

In 2017, She was introduced to the Blockchain technology through the Bitcoin community and started her journey as a Bitcoin investor and advocate.  She’s a UC Berkeley Blockchain & Cryptocurrency certified practitioner.

Her contributions are diverse and range from scientific publications (4 international PM), patents (>11 international), keynote speaking (CTI Symposium, SAE, PLM Conference) and academic lecturer.

Today, she’s happy to bring this know-how to all of her students and contribute in empowering the future leaders worldwide.