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Course description 📖

💡 In today’s world, everything around us is changing radically and at an extraordinary speed, So do projects as they are no exception to that.

‼️ As a matter of fact, projects grow dynamically all along their lifecycle like all living things: THEY ADAPT TO THEIR ENVIRONMENT (costs, resources, constraints, limitations, capabilities, etc.)

💡 In business, just as in nature, the law “adapt or die” still prevails, and the success that agile native and early adopters’ companies have had in the last 20 years has proven the benefits and efficiency “of the agile methodologies” as a way to manage uncertainties and rapid changes within projects and organizations.

💡 Some might argue about the details specific to some frameworks such as Scrum or SAFE for example, but the accelerations brought by advanced technologies and world crisis in almost all industries and sectors of activities, have only confirmed one rule: the importance of implementing business agility within companies is a matter of survival and is not optional anymore.

‼️ In this course, you’ll be able to enter the world of “agile practices and implementations in the project management and organizational transformations ” and unlock all its secrets in an easy, smart and practical way.

This course is for you if...🚀🚀

👉 You are open to learn, curious and interested in topics related to “Innovations“, “Product development“, “Project management“, “customer centricity” and “business agility

👉 You work in an agile environment and feel frustrated by all the rituals and processes 

👉 You are thinking about taking your career to the next level and starting a “Project management” or “team management” position in a Tech-driven company

👉 You are passionate about “developing new products” and want to learn new ways to optimize the processes and increase productivity

👉 You are part of an agile team and want to understand your role as a “Scrum Master” or a “Product Owner” fully

👉 You are the CEO or CTO of a Tech startup in the scaling stage and looking for better ways to manage your operations/teams and projects

What you'll learn 💡

✅💡The foundations, the real value of the agile methodology and when it all started

✅💡 Why agile implementations fail, what is Fake agile and how to avoid this trap

✅💡How to leverage the real benefits of an agile model to successfully manage any type of projects

✅💡 When to use agile methodology and how to adapt it to the context of the project

✅💡The specifics of the most famous agile frameworks and when to use them

✅💡How to define the adequate agile project model and its related elements for your specific company’s needs and context

Meet your instructor 🎓

Dr. Nesrine Miro Padovani

Nesrine holds a PhD in system engineering and complexity management, she's a senior strategy & management consultant, a digital transformations' expert, a blockchain and IoT solutions architect, an entrepreneur and co-founder of 2 Tech Startups. She has been working with clients from Europe, the US and the Middle East to implement organizational change and agile practices @ scale using different frameworks and models. She's a SAFE SPC and PSM certified practitioner and she has more than 10 years of experience in project management and product development in various industries.