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From theory to practice, we provide you with the required academic grade training programs and expert knowledge to make sure that you are progressing in your learning and gaining new skills.

Our operational expertise allow us to include in most of our programs and courses, several practice cases and projects that will teach you how you can apply your new skills in real life and achieve your goals.

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The “ASIDE PROJECT” courses are In-demand online videos prepared by one or a group of our instructors. 

Each course is designed based on a specific pedagogic pattern which maximizes the benefits for the learners including:

  • The topic
  • The course material
  • The learners’ levels. 

Generally speaking, our courses are designed in a way that will make you enjoy learning about theoretical concepts while having the maximum practice and real life use cases. In each course you will have at least : 

  • Lessons in the form of HD on-demand videos 
  • Descriptions that will help you structure the information you are receiving in each lesson
  • Attached resources that you find in the “materials” section for each lesson 
  • Ready to use templates which are yours forever
  • Quick win quizzes that you can take as much as you want to test your progress
  • Topic sections where you will usually find key takeaways for the lesson and related resources

Depending on the topic, you can also have:

  • Final practice test 
  • Course assessment 
  • Group project 
  • Practice use case projects

And of course, once you finish your learning you happily receive a certification of completion that you can download and share in your social media profiles. 

There are no pre-requisite required to be able to register to our courses. 

However, for some advanced topics, we highly recommend you check the “level” section of the course before proceeding to check out. Sometimes, we could suggest you to register for intermediate or beginner friendly courses before jumping in and taking the advanced one.  The point as usual is to bring you the best benefits and value from your course. 

Share your expertise


In alignment with our efforts to always bring more valuable E-learning experiences to our students, we are continuously seeking talented experts and institutions  who are willing to share their knowledge about Business, Finances and Advanced Technologies to partner with us. 

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