Startup leadership: A guide for first time founders

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What if there’s a less painful and sure way to build that business that you’ve been dreaming about for so long?…And enjoy doing so every single day !!

Startup leadership is the ultimate playbook guide specifically designed to help first time founders understand and unlock their authentic leadership power and build a business they love and not only they need. This course will help you avoid at least 65% of the management mistakes for first-time founders.

✅  Format Online videos
✅  Instructor Dr. Nesrine BELDI
✅  Level All levels (beginners friendly)
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What happens for “first time founders”
@early stage of the business 🤔⁉️

Building a business from scratch is not something easy. No matter how well documented you are or the number of books and articles you can read about it, you will never be fully ready for what you will be experiencing once you’re in the game. 

Many people can easily have wonderful ideas, but not everyone is capable of turning these ideas into realities.

And that’s exactly what schools, books and all the theoretical materials out there can’t teach you about.

Entrepreneurship is not about having the best idea, it’s about knowing how to bring any idea to life and making it stand out from the crowd.

For first time founders, execution is either a synonym of having the “best business plan ever” or having the best “product roadmap” and following either one of them or both. But a business is more than only a plan or a product. 

It’s a whole system in itself, and like any system existing out there, it needs energy to activate a process and produce the desired outcome. That energy can for sure be money, resources, materials, etc. but fundamentally, it is first and foremost the founder’s leadership power and abilities to guide, manage and lead every aspect and element of their business in any circumstances and at all stages. 

When you can't control what's happening, challenge yourself to alter the way you respond to what's happening. That's where your power is !!

Why “leadership” is a stepping stone for the success of your business  🤔⁉️

It's what every person interacting with your business will see even before being interested in your offers or products: They will judge your leadership abilities first.

It's what will guide all your business decisions: from hiring your team, applying for fund raising rounds, choosing your products features, EVERYTHING starts from there.

It's a complex and less-thought subject that many founders ignore but it's still the N°5 reason of why startups fail.

What’s inside this course 🤔⁉️


Entrepreneurship, Leadership & Management


The Startup Ecosystem (Challenges vs. Opportunities)


Building the foundations (vision, mission & value proposition)


Leading the execution of your startup’s operations 


Startup culture & Teams

By the end of this 2h course…

You’ll get everything you need to help you make every decision and take any action related to your business confidently and with less hustle and more fun 🚀🚀

What you’ll get when you enroll ‼️

+++ You don’t need to have any prerequisite knowledge whatsoever to grasp the full benefit of this course

Just bring your smile and positive vibes ☺️

We take care of the rest 

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1 review for Startup leadership: A guide for first time founders

  1. olga herguzt (verified owner)

    Excellent, easy to follow, and very insightful course for first-time founders like myself. It really helped me structure many leadership concepts in my head and implement efficient practices to manage my E-commerce business. Recommend it for early-stage founders.

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