Bitcoin 101: The ultimate beginners guide

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What if you could start mastering the Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency world and build your financial independance today….And every single day after that?

Bitcoin 101 is the ultimate guide that every Bitcoin New comers need to go through before embarking in any cryptocurrency adventure.Β  No matter what you’re coming from, this course will provide you with all the information to help you structure your thoughts about money, cryptocurrencies and investments.

βœ…Β  Format Online videos
βœ…Β  Instructor Dr. Nesrine BELDI & Dr. Thomas Miro Padovani
βœ…Β  Level All levels (beginners friendly)
βœ…Β  Language English

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Why start learning about Cryptos NOW πŸ€”β‰οΈ

Over the past two years, we have witnessed huge buzz around cryptocurrencies and all the related Blockchain applications such as NFTs, DAOs, and smart contracts appearing and booming since. Unfortunately, many individuals who have blindly followed the hype without taking the time to educate themselves and properly understand the foundations behind these concepts, have lost HUGE amounts of MONEY.Β 

Think of all the people who have invested in the Tera Luna and the loss that they have faced in May 2022, or the one who has bought the Jack Dorsey NFT Tweet sold in Marsh 2021 for 29 million dollars, and valued in May 2022 for only 29 dollars.Β 

Losing money in the cryptocurrency's world is not uncommon, but still there are big institutions, famous investors and some individuals who are also making huge amounts of profits from it.Β 

The only difference between the two groups is simple : The winners have managed to access the right knowledge and understand the technology, the market and anything in between. While the losers were only greedy, and lacked the right financial and technological education to guide their decisions. So instead, they have just followed the HYPE blindly.Β 

In the cryptocurrency market, the results you'll get are tightly related to how well you understand the technology and concepts you are dealing with: Education is a must, not an option.

Why Bitcoin is your entry point πŸ€”β‰οΈ

It's the first, the simplest and the most accessible application use case of the Blockchain Technology.

It's the crypto asset that has the best chances to last over time.

It's the only crypto topic that goes beyond the technological solutions. It's the best entry point to understand the cryptos and decentralized payment systems' history and the reason of their existence.

What’s inside this course πŸ€”β‰οΈ


The beginning of Bitcoin & Blockchain


The technology of the Bitcoin Blockchain


The Bitcoin market


Bitcoin in real life

By the end of this 3h course…

You’ll get everything you need to help you make your own investment choices in the Bitcoin world and be your own bank πŸš€πŸš€

What you’ll get when you enroll ‼️

+++ You don’t need to have any prerequisite knowledge whatsoever to grasp the full benefit of this course

Just bring your smile and positive vibes ☺️

We take care of the restΒ 

And in case you still have questions…

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2 reviews for Bitcoin 101: The ultimate beginners guide

  1. Alexia Desurat (verified owner)

    I just ordered this course, was curious about BTC, and wanted to have a course where I can get introduced to it without being bombarded by scams. This instructor is so knowledgeable, I love her energy and how she can explain complex stuff like Blockchain or Market volatility in a way that even my grandma would understand. Highly recommend and can’t wait for more courses about this topic from Nesrine.

  2. Sarra Jouini (verified owner)

    One of the best courses about Bitcoin and Blockchain so far. I really love the instructor energy and the way that the course is designed to provide clear simple and valuable answers to the questions that I was having as a BTC Newbie. Highly recommend

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