Dr. Thomas Miro Padovani

Co-founder & CFO / Educator
✅ I Use Technology to bring more knowledge and freedom to individuals and help them be the designers of their life and gain financial and professional freedom. 🌟🚀

Professional Skills

Investments 90%
Cryptocurrencies 90%
Automotive 85%
Software Applications 80%

Experience & Activities

Dr. Thomas is a French serial entrepreneur and a private investor with 10+ years of industrial experience

Thomas was involved in various projects around Software development, Connectivity, Smart cities, E-mobility and Industry 4.0, and has occupied different roles ranging from project and team manager to system architect and expert leader. 

In 2017, Thomas started his investment journey and created his first investment portfolio in the real estate business in France. After gaining real life experience, Thomas diversified his investments when he was introduced to the Bitcoin world in 2018. 

Fascinated by Bitcoin as a philosophy and a revolutionary technology, he quickly became an expert in the Bitcoin Blockchain, Network and for sure Market.

Dr. Thomas holds a PhD in Automations and Embedded software development, a master degree in powertrain electrification systems and an energy management engineering degree. 

The results of his work are mainly illustrated by his publications (>4 international journals) and patents (>5 Internationals). 

Today, he wants to share his knowledge and expertise to assist his students in achieving their goals and gain financial freedom using technology.