Your complete guide to agile project management

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Are you dreaming of becoming a top-rated “project manager” and a delivery hero within your company? Or you are thinking about getting an agile certification to boost your career but don’t know which one to choose?

The complete guide to the agile project management is your best starting point, and will provide you with all the information you need to take your career, your projects and your teams to the next level.

✅  Format Online videos
✅  Instructor Dr. Nesrine BELDI
✅  Level All levels (beginners friendly)
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Why become an agile project manager 🤔⁉️

During the last decade, projects have been subject to deep fundamental changes in order to adapt to the new type of products and services delivered, the new processes implemented within organizations and the business requirements. 

Today, it’s rare to find a company where an agile transformation didn’t take place, everyone is competing for business agility, customer centricity and value driven businesses.

Agile project management is an execution-based model instead of being a plan & control-based.

For professionals in this market this is wonderful news illustrating a confident market growth and the emergence of amazing job opportunities with great benefits, but there’s more…

It's among the most 25 highly paid jobs in the US job market with an average salary of 122k USD per year.

You might ask yourself, if I want to embark on an agile career why not choose a scrum master position or an agile coach, etc.?

Those are also pretty interesting and notable jobs that you can learn about in this course. However, they do have some downsides that “the agile project management position solves”:

They are specific positions and don’t offer many options when it comes to industries and type of activities

Until today, they do lack a proper recognition and definition of the job position itself which might sometimes lead to bad surprises 😉

And of course, since they aren’t officially defined as “Management Positions”, they don’t offer the same job perspectives and career opportunities as the agile project management does.

You’ve got it? 

Why it’s important to learn about the agile project model 🤔⁉️

It's the only alternative we have today to navigate uncertain markets, complex innovations and high competition: that's business agility

It's the only model which is 100% independent of any agile framework, thus giving you the possibility to choose the one that works best for you: the model is the foundation, the framework is the tool box that will allow you to execute the concepts of this foundation.

It's a great way to secure your project deliverables, control the risks and manage your self-organized remote teams

What’s inside this course 🤔⁉️


The agile methodology’s foundations


Popular agile frameworks


Implement an agile project model


Agile leadership, teams and decisions


Scaling agile initiatives 


Agile certifications

By the end of this 5h course…

You’ll get everything you need to start your Agile project management career  🚀🚀

What you’ll get when you enroll ‼️

+++ You don’t need to have any prerequisite knowledge whatsoever to grasp the full benefit of this course

Just bring your smile and positive vibes ☺️

We take care of the rest 

And in case you still have questions…

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  1. Pierre Emmanuel (verified owner)

    One of the most completed and global agile courses showing the different steps to build and run agile projects. It really takes out the frustration of strict agile frameworks and rituals and brings another way of applying the agile concepts and achieving the promised goals. I highly recommend to every project manager struggling to manage agile teams.

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